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Delivering world-class trains, with world-class service

Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Europe, Ltd. and is headquartered in London, UK. Hitachi Rail Europe is a total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems, and maintenance depots.

Hitachi draws on many years of experience as a leading supplier of high-speed trains such as the Shinkansen (bullet train) for the Japanese and international markets. In Europe, Hitachi Rail Europe’s first rolling stock contract was to deliver a fleet of 29 Class 395 trains, the first domestic high-speed train in the UK, which are maintained at Hitachi’s state of the art depot in Ashford, Kent.

As part of the British Department for Transport’s Intercity Express Programme, Hitachi Rail Europe will replace the UK’s ageing fleet of Intercity trains, and will establish a new rolling stock manufacturing facility in the UK for this purpose. The trains will be maintained and services in a number of new maintenance depots along the Great Western Main Line and the East Coast Main Line.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Hitachi Rail Europe, our beliefs and actions are guided by our Mission, Vision and Values. We take pride in holding ourselves and our projects to the highest standards, and our values provide benchmarks to evaluate our successes and opportunities for improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to society through the continuous development of superior rail transport solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is that HRE will be a respected leading player with impact across the European rail industry.

Our Values

Our values inform us how we go about our work, these are taken from our parent company, Hitachi Limited.

Wa (Harmony): We need to show respect to our colleagues, to our suppliers, our clients and our stakeholders. We show respect to earn respect. 

Makoto (Sincerity): We should act with integrity in all we say and do, this shows that we are sincere in holding to our stated values. We maintain fairness in all our dealings; our reputation is founded on how we go about our business.

Kaitakusha – Seishin (Pioneering Spirit): We lead with ambition, seeking new challenges; we are not afraid to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of our business.

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