National Angling Championships 2019


These are the foundations on which we have built the success of the PULSAR® brand. Focussing on the wearers of PULSAR® clothing, making sure they feel comfortable and ready to take on whatever the day will throw at them. Motivated by success and the belief that we are making a difference to both the market and working conditions for thousands of people every day.

The PULSAR® team of technical garment specialists are ready to help and work out solutions to problems, solutions the design department translates into functional and attractive new clothing. These designs are then hand crafted at specially selected production facilities across the globe.

PULSAR® will always continue to push the boundaries of innovation with certified, technologically advanced products, ensuring the people who wear them can be confident in the knowledge they are protected from all elements and potential workplace hazards. With the company trading since 1979, the core values of business such as partnership, reliability and mutual respect, continue to be passed down from generation to generation.