National Angling Championships 2019


Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Do I need to work for a Rail Company to enter RailSport?

No, but some link to the rail industry is required.

Acceptable entries include:

  • The company you work is in the UK Rail Industry;
  • The company you work for has worked for a company involved in the rail industry. (suppliers the rail industry; marketing agency who have worked for a company who supply rail; manufacturing company etc);
  • You are retired from the UK Rail Industry.



What is the Refund Policy?

We understand that sometimes things happen which means you may be unable to take part. We will give you a refund depending on the amount of notice you give us: 6 months + notice = 100% refund, 3 – 6 months’ notice = 50% refund, 2 - 3 months’ notice = 25% refund. If you think you are eligible for a refund please send a request to