National Angling Championships 2019

The Rules

Rules / Terms & Conditions

The match will start at 10.00hours and finish at 15.00hours. Both times will be indicated by a whistle. 

The match will be fished to Angling Trust model rules, the important extracts and exceptions are shown below:

1. The competition shall conform to Makins Fishery match rules which can be found on the Makins website Please note two keep nets are needed.

2. The competition will be divided into sections. Each team will only have one angler in any given section.

3. Competitors will be allowed to plumb the depth of the water before the starting whistle but there must be no loose feeding or ground baiting until the whistle starts.

4. A competitor shall have in use only one rod, one line and one hook at any one time, but may have rods and tackle assembled for use in a position behind him.

5. Banned Baits

5.1 Live or dead fish

5.2 Spinning baits or artificial lures

5.3 Bloodworm or Joker

5.4 The only feed pellets allowed are Dynamite Baits green swim stim or any pellets brought from our bait shop. A maximum of 4 bags can be used on phase 1 and 2 bags on phase 2 and 3. No other feed pellets can be taken to the bank. You can use any make of ground-bait, sweetcorn etc as feed in reasonable quantities.

5.5 Anglers are allowed 1/2 pint of hook pellets which can be any carp friendly pellet. No marine hallibut pellets or trout pellets. You are not allowed to feed hooker pellets.

5.6 The feeding of floating baits is not permitted, although they can be used on the hook.

5.7 A maximum of 2x 300g tins of luncheon meat and 1 x 400g tin of catmeat (preferably used as hook bait) is permitted. No additional cat meat/Luncheon meat is to be used in ground-bait.

6. All kinds of course fish and eels may be weighed in.

7. During the match you may leave your peg only to answer a call of nature or at the request of the angler at the next peg to render assistance.

8. All Anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod licence.

9. Teams will consist of four persons, all of which should be current or retired employees of the railway industry, or their dependants

10. Team Captains will be responsible for the transportation of their team to sections.

11. Peg numbers for teams will be in sealed envelopes. Exchange of peg numbers is not permitted.

12. The Railsport (Team) Cup will be awarded to the team scoring the least points in the competition. The Railsport (Individual) Trophy will be awarded to the competitor who returns the heaviest individual weight.

13. In respect of the Team Competition, points will be awarded in each section to anglers who return a catch as follows.

Heaviest Catch 1 point

2nd heaviest catch 2 points

3rd heaviest catch 3 points



14. In the event of anglers returning equal weights in any section, they will be awarded equal points. The next heaviest weight will be increased by one point accordingly, (i.e. two top weights equal, both receive one point, next heaviest weight receivers three points).

In the event of teams finishing with equal points, the total team weight will decide the winning team. 

15. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the person in charge shall be final.